Dad can I have a rabbit? (Fixing Proteomics Campaign)

Is proteomics a dirty word?  As a result of the down-sizing of proteomics research in industry many people have lost their jobs and morale is at an all-time low.  There are still huge barriers preventing proteomics delivering on its promises.

The Fixing Proteomics Campaign (link here) has been set up to “solve the experimental challenges that stop proteomics delivering on its potential“.  It’s founded by Will Dracup, CEO of Nonlinear Dynamics (see Youtube Video here).  Of course, his business depends on the future of proteomics!  But many academics are also actively supporting the campaign including Kathryn Lilley, Hans Voshol, Mike Dunn, Lennart Martens and others.  Nonlinear are doing the marketing – using cartoons and analogies to bring the message home…

In a similiar vein, Proteome Software Inc. (creators of Scaffold) have opened a proteomics discussion forum and wiki to get people talking about their proteomics issues, see site.

I believe in the future of proteomics, do you?

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