ISMB / ECCB 2009, Stockholm, Sweden

It was great to see you all again.

Myself and Carlo Vittorio Cannistraci, visiting scholar in Trey Ideker's lab, University of California, San Diego

I presented a poster with the latest developments for MRMaid (our MRM transition design tool):

MRMaid: automating the design of multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) experiments using expert knowledge and MS/MS data-mining

Using new datasets, including MS/MS spectra for proteins in horse serum,  I showed that (in several cases) MRMaid could successfully pick the top transition, when only a single MS/MS dataset was available as evidence in GAPP database.  A video presentation, describing the information in the poster, can be found at the SciVee website.

During the conference, Dr. Thomas Lengauer gave a keynote address:

Chasing the AIDS Virus

It was about developing bioinformatics tools and statistical approaches to select optimal drug combinations for HIV patients, based on patient genotypes, and knowledge of the sensitivities of specific mutations to different HIV drugs.  It was absolutely breath-taking work.  Lengauer is from the Max-Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbrücken, Germany, and his work is an outstanding example of the power of bioinformatics to impact medicine and utlimately save the lives. He talked of his website, where clinicians can use his web-based software directly to select suitable combinations of medicines, given individual patient genotype information.


Stockholm City Hall - Opening reception for ISMB/ECCB 2009

As a bioinformatician, I wish I could see the impact of my work so directly on the wellbeing of others, but what a privilege to have such amazing scientists like this in our community!


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