Which of my papers received the most citations?


After a year or two, I thought it was time to check on the citations of the papers I wrote during my doctorate.

I used ISI Web of Knowledge to do this – which is a nifty little service.  You add in an author name and it gives you information on the number of citations achieved for each paper by that author.  You can display the results dynamically as bar chart graphs, and can adjust the settings for different displays.  It works best for peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters, as far as I can tell.  There is a time lag too, as recently published work doesn’t appear in the database immediately.

Interestingly, this search showed that the review papers we wrote on proteomic bioinformatics were the most popular, receiving 21 and 23 citations for the 2007 and 2009 reviews, respectively.  The MRMaid paper, which was published in Molecular Cellular Proteomics (MCP) journal also received 18 citations.  I think it’s usual for reviews to be cited more frequently than research papers.  All round, not too bad…












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