‘Designing with the user in mind’ – Sketchnote for my ISMB Conference Talk

Sketchnote for my ISMB conference talk
Sketchnote for my ISMB conference talk – Designing with the user in mind: how UCD can work for bioinformatics
Today I gave a talk at the ISMB/ECCB 2013 Conference in Berlin, and I would like to share the sketchnote of the talk with you.  This was sketched by my colleague Francis Rowland (whilst I practised my talk before attending the conference).

Ten simple rules…

When I was preparing for my talk I found these ten tips on giving an oral presentation very helpful. There is also a similar article with tips for posters too (see my ISMB poster).

Presentation Blurb

It is recognised that bioinformatics resources often suffer from usability problems: for example, they can be too complex for the infrequent user to navigate, and they can “lack sophistication” compared to other websites that people use in their daily lives. In this presentation, I describe specific case studies to show how user-centred design (UCD) principles can be applied to bioinformatics services.

Additional authors for the paper/work I presented

I would like to acknowledge the help I had from these folks (colleagues at EMBL-EBI): Katrina Pavelin, Paula de Matos, Cath Brooksbank, Graham Cameron, Hong Cao, Rafael Alcantara, Francis Rowland, Silvano Squizzato, Youngmi Park, Rodrigo Lopez, Christoph Steinbeck and Brendan Vaughan (my boss).

Links to more sketchnotes and ISMB conference

More sketchnotes from me (on flickr)

More sketchnotes from Francis Rowland (on flickr)

ISMB/ECCB 2013 conference website

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