Suvival Guide for Complex UX: our tutorial at UX Cambridge, 4-6 Sept 2013

Paula de Matos and I are looking forward to presenting a session on ‘complex UX’ at the UX Cambridge 2013 conference next week.  The conference is being held at Churchill College, Cambridge and includes a UX bake off social event at Cambridge Regional College (see pictures from last year).

UC cam title page
The title page of our slides for the tutorial session at UX Cambridge 2013

We hope you can make our session on Thursday (Day 2)

Our session is a tutorial taking place on Thursday 5th Sept at 3.45pm.  Some of the material we cover is based on our recent peer-reviewed paper on user-centred design for bioinformatics, official blurb is below:

A Survival Guide for Complex UX

As a UX practitioner working in complex environments you have to be flexible, since commonly used user-centred design techniques may not work. In this tutorial, we provide insights into how you can approach UX problems in complex fields with confidence.

With concrete examples from our experience of designing services for life scientists, we describe approaches you can use to characterise specialist users, and translate their requirements into successful designs. In the hands-on activity, you will experiment with our unique (and recently published) ‘canvas sort’ technique, for prioritising large numbers of data items and modelling their interactions.

So if you work in UX in a complex environment – such as in scientific research, pharmaceuticals, engineering, technology, finance, or others – join us to learn how to survive when things get complicated!


UX Cambridge 2013 website

UX Cambridge 2013 on Lanyrd

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