UX Cambridge bake off – introducing Spaghetti-bolo-cupcakes

Last night was the UX Cambridge kick-off social event: an evening bake-off in the catering school kitchen at The Park, Cambridge Regional College (CRC).  It was a great evening!

Me in the Cambridge Regional College kitchen

We arrived after a day of workshops and were put into pairs. I was with Richard Hare (@Richardhare of Flare Consulting).  We decided to make chocolate muffins with an added extra: beetroot.  According to Richard, this ingredient provided a good way to get a nice, moist sponge – so that’s what we did.

But our innovation didn’t stop there.  Being a bake off competition, we thought we’d better think about some fancy decorations, so having done a Google image search for “weird cakes” (not advisable when small children are around btw!) – I came across a giant spaghetti cake (see an example) and suggested we have a go to Richard.  To get the baking and icing done in the time, for the bake off we opted to make this into mini-spaghetti cupcakes.

Result: Ricardo and Ginevra’s Spaghetti-bolocakes

(careful how you say it!)

Spaghetti bolo-cakes featuring chocolate muffins with beetroot, buttercream spaghetti, jam ragu, prune meatballs and white chocolate parmesan.

We got second place in the bake-off competition, as voted by the other bakers and folks from CRC.


The final result!

Thank you to CRC for having us, and Software Acumen’s Jacqui for organising the evening.


Chocolate muffins with beetroot recipe (BBC Food)

Cambridge Regional College

UX Cambridge 2013

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