Latest bioinformatics sketchnotes…

Sketchnoting Science Stuff

Last week I attended a couple of interesting bioinformatics seminars: one about the burgeoning EBI RDF platform ( was described by Andy Jenkinson of EMBL-EBI…

RDF seminar
The EBI’s RDF Platform by Andy Jenkinson


…and the other from Dr Lee Harland of Connected Discovery, who gave a talk about the current status – and next steps – of the OpenPHACTS project.

OpenPHACTS seminar by Lee Harland


Techie Target Audience

Both talks were on a similar theme, namely how we can better link publicly-available biological data of different types, which spread across different databases.  The aim being for scientists to ask more complex questions of the data to aid their research.  Both initiatives are currently aimed at software developers working in bioinformatics/ molecular biology-related research – although Lee did mention that there are now apps available that sit on top of the openPHACTS discovery platform API, for less ‘computationally-savvy’ users.

Anyway, enjoy my squiggles – sketching science stuff is fun, but it’s hard work.  Bring on some UX talks!


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