Sketchnotes from Lab of the Future Congress

Last week I attended the inaugural Lab of the Future (LOTF) Congress, held on Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge UK.

It was my pleasure to graphically record five of the presentations – one keynote and four panel discussions. I have released the images for free under the Creative Commons (attribution only) license, so feel free to share, edit and reuse as you wish. If you would like a high resolution copy for printing please contact me directly (details at the end of this post).

My hope is that my artwork from the event will:

  1. Help those who attended to recall the ideas and buzz from last week
  2. Share the content of the congress with those who could not attend
  3. Showcase how sketchnotes can inform and engage, making it a pleasure to learn and share new information with communities
Lab of the Future Congress 2019, Cambridge UK
Bryn Roberts of Roche kicked off day 1, speaking about his design principles for creating effective Labs of the Future.
Lab of the Future Congress 2019, Cambridge UK
Michael Braxenthaler, who is the Global Head of Strategic Alliances at Roche chaired a knowledgable panel on the topic of digitalising the lab and the potential value added by the LOTF
Lab of the Future Congress 2019, Cambridge UK
Michael also chaired a discussion about the Technology of the Future and its impact on the LOTF
Lab of the Future Congress 2019, Cambridge UK
John Wise from Pistoia Alliance chaired a conversation about designing, building and using LOTF
Lab of the Future Congress 2019, Cambridge UK
Michael Shanler, Research VP at Gartner, chaired a panel exploring the future vision of LOTF with guests from Accenture, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Novartis

In a world of information overload, sketchnotes work

Having so much content in a single image can be useful if you are short on time, or attention! They work nicely on social media too. For example, at the time of writing I noted that after just a few days of Bryn Roberts posting a picture of one of the images to LinkedIn there had already been 257 reactions and 15 comments. They really do get conversations going, and keep up the interest, even after events have passed. I love the excitement they create – I call it the “water cooler effect”.

Sketchnoting for your event?

Please get in touch at admin[at], or via Linkedin if you are looking for sketchnoting services. With life science domain knowledge and a joy for creating engaging artwork, I can help you to make otherwise complex or dry content stand out to your audience.

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