I DO User Experience Research & Design for Life Science

I am a freelance consultant delivering tailored “Gamestorming”-style workshops, focus groups, brainstorming & graphic recording (aka sketchnoting). I train others in UX, workshop facilitation methods and sketchnoting.  I was previously the Lead User Experience Architect at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) near Cambridge, UK.  I love science, creativity and get curious when I don’t understand things.

I offer:

Leadership and management

  • leading UX efforts at the level of strategy, policy and management
  • collating, reporting and presenting recommendations to senior management and stakeholders

user-centered design projects

  • conceiving design and functionality within technical constraints, often working directly with software development teams
  • leading persona development work with teams
  • overseeing design and execution of usability testing and paper prototyping
  • executing expert review of websites

Workshops and sketchnoting

  • design and facilitation of user workshops and focus groups
  • creative game-storming and problem solving
  • create sketchnotes and graphic recordings to increase the effectiveness of meetings

Visual design

  • interface design, prototyping and wire frames

Information architecture

  • overseeing design and execution of card sorting
  • conceptualising and running information architecture games

Expertise in life sciences and informatics

  • expert knowledge in computational biology/ bioinformatics
  • experience working with scientific user communities, in particular with bioscience, medical researchers and the pharmaceutical research and development
  • experience in delivering user-centered design solutions in a technical environment


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