Peer-reviewed papers, reviews & articles

User Experience Design



Me, Katrina Pavelin and Paula de Matos (main co-authors of the Plos Computational Biology article on user-centred design in bioinformatics)

Bioinformatics (aka computing for life science research)

  • [Provided sketchnotes in:] Brazas et al (2014) A Quick Guide to Genomics and Bioinformatics Training for Clinical and Public Audiences PLoS Computational Biology DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003510
  • Cham (Mead) JA, Bianco L and Bessant C (2010) Free computational resources for designing selected reaction monitoring (SRM) transitions. Proteomics 10(6):1106-26
  • Cham (Mead) JA, Bianco L and Bessant C (2010) Mining proteomic MS/MS data for MRM transitions. Methods in Mol. Biol. 2010;604:187-99
  • Cham JA, Bianco, L, Barton C and Bessant C (2010) MRMaid-DB: a public repository for published SRM transitions. Journal of Proteome Research 9(1):620-5
  • Bianco L, Mead JA and Bessant C (2009) Comparison of novel decoy database designs for optimizing protein identification searches using ABRF sPRG2006 standard MS/MS datasets. Journal of Proteome Research 8:1782-1791
  • Mead JA, Bianco L, Ottone V, Barton C, Kay RG, Lilley KS, Bond N and Bessant C (2009) MRMaid: the web-based tool for design of multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) transitions , Mol Cell Proteomics 8(4):696-705
  • Mead JA, Bianco L and Bessant C (2009) Recent developments in public proteomic MS repositories and pipelines. Proteomics 9(4):861-881
  • Mead JA, Shadforth IP and Bessant C (2007) Public proteomic MS repositories and pipelines: available tools and biological applications Proteomics 7(16): 2769-86
  • Mead JA and Shadforth IP (2007) Bringing protein identifications to the masses. Institute of Biology, Biologist 54:200-206[links to PDF]
  • In Conference Proceedings: Mead JA, Bianco L and Bessant C (2008) Using Bioinformatics to Increase Speed and Reduce Uncertainty in Protein Biomarker Discovery. Cranfield Multi-Strand Conference Proceedings (6-7th May, 2008), 35, Cranfield University Press
  • Ernst, W., Trummer, E., Mead, J.., Bessant, C., Strelec, H., Katinger, H. And Hesse, F. (2006) Evaluation of a genomics platform for cross-species transcriptome analysis of recombinant CHO cells. Biotechnology Journal 1: 639–650 


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