UX Cambridge 2011




The first ever UX Cambridge conference is taking place on November 10-11th this year and I am thrilled to have been invited to speak at the event. The programme looks packed with interesting stuff, including a speed-sketching workshop session from some of my EBI colleagues (Francis Rowland and Antony Quinn).  My talk is an ‘experience report’ on Friday 11th November at 9.00am.

My talk title: 

Coming out of your shell: using UX workshops to your advantage in a tecchie/scientific setting

Talk abstract: (it does seem strange referring to oneself in the third person, but hey!)

Workshops are a great way to explore ideas for a user-centered design project, but when should you actually plan to have one?  At what point would a workshop be useful?  And when would it be harmful? Why have user workshops got a bad reputation with some UX practitioners?   In this talk, Jenny will answer these questions and provide examples from her own experience of planning and delivering successful UX workshops.  The aim of the talk is to inspire you to run your own workshops and to provide practical tips that will help you get started right away.  Jenny will include examples of workshops for internal design teams and stakeholders, as well as for groups of external users, potential users and clients.  At EMBL-EBI, we specialise in delivering services to scientists and computational biologists all over the world, so Jenny can also offer special insights for those of you that work with ‘geeky’ audiences and/or in an international environment.


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