User Experience for Life Science Workshop 2017

User Experience for Life Sciences (UX LS) is a community of UX practitioners focussed on enabling organisations to adopt UX principles and methods as they develop and deploy scientific software.  A Pistoia Alliance – EMBL-EBI joint workshop was held on 28-29 June, and built on the activities that have been underway since the inaugural User Experience for Life Sciences workshop, convened in September 2016 at the EBI.

The User Experience for Life Sciences Workshop attendees – June 2017

Championed by Till Dettmering of Leica, Joel Miller of Amgen, Pat Keller of Novartis and coordinated by the Pistoia Alliance Project Manager Paula de Matos, this project team has made significant progress towards its key deliverables of the UX for Life Sciences Toolkit viz: case studies, tools & methods and metrics.

Workshop in progress for UX for Life Sciences

This workshop, which had 41 attendees from various global life science companies, launched the next phase of the project – the objectives of which include broadening the community and to expand the number and types of tools available in the UX for Life Sciences Toolkit.  Here are the sketchnotes from this special event.

ux lie sciences
Jo McEntryre opened day 1
Adrian Westaway Keynote Speaker
Adrian Westaway gave a magical Keynote Talk on Day 1
Panel Discussion at the UX for Life Sciences Workshop – Pat Keller (Novartis), Adrian Westaway (Special Projects), Helen Parkinson (EMBL-EBI), Gernot Goeller (Bayer) & Joel Miller (Amgen)
A panel discussion was held on Day 1 with leaders from Bayer, EMBL-EBI, Novartis, Amgen and Special Projects
Alvis Brazma of EMBL-EBI gave the opening words on Day 2

The sub-team leads gave 5 minute lightning talks about their progress and future plans.  Michele Ide-Smith sketchnoted these:

Build sub-team by Till Dettmering
research and testing
Research and testing sub-team talk by Pat Keller
UX Toolkit Design Sub-team talk by Neil Turner
UX Metrics Sub-team talk by Joel Miller
UX for life sciences communications sub-team talk by Jenny Cham

The workshop was facilitated by Nick Skinner of Poppyfish.

Nick Skinner our workshop facilitator

For more details of the UX for Life Sciences community check out our project site.

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