DevelopHER Awards 2017

This week is the DevelopHER awards ceremony, and I am humbled to see that I have been shortlisted in the User Experience category for an award this year.
developher nomination
DevelopHER nomination 2017

What is DevelopHER?

The DevelopHER awards are all about recognising the contribution of women who work in technology, inspiring the next generation to join them. Across the land there are women making their mark in technology and DevelopHER wants to help them shine:

“We know working in the technology doesn’t only mean developers and our awards aim to acknowledge the efforts of women across all areas of the industry.”

They say:

“Do you know a designer who makes the web look like a Michelangelo, a developer whose code give you goose bumps? A UX designer who knows what the visitor wants before they do or a project manager who can make even the most surly team into a well oiled machine?  Nominate them now.”

2016 developher awards ceremony
Last year’s DevelopHER award ceremony

There are 14 award categories & an overall winner

These include:

  • Agile Angel Award
    • Know someone who lives and breathes agile or is an amazing scrum master/project manager?
  • Apprentice Award
    • Know someone awesome who didn’t go to university?, show that you don’t need to be a graduate to be awesome in the tech world.
  • Best Newcomer Award
    • Do you have a newcomer in your team who has joined your company in the last year and really hit the ground running?
  • Digital Marketer Award
    • An award for an amazing marketer. Know someone whose done a fantastic job of marketing a digital product?
  • Emerging Talent Award
    • Know someone who you think will go far? Nominate a student who will be the next big thing!
  • Entrepreneur Award
    • Know the female Mark Zuckerberg? Someone who’s always coming up with tonnes of ideas or runs their own company?
  • Eye for Design Award
    • An award for a superb designer. Know someone whose designs take your breath away?
  • Game Developer Award
    • Game Development is often forgotten when we think of women in tech – there are some awesome game devs out there – nominate them to get them some recognition for their hard work!
  • Innovation Award
    • Is there someone who’s come up with a really innovative project in your company? Or an idea to change the way you work.
  • Inspiration Award
    • Is there someone who has been a massive inspiration to you throughout your career, who you really look up to?
  • Tech Star Award
    • Know an amazing developer or software engineer?
  • Tester Award
    • Testers are key in a tech world. Do you know one that you think deserves recognition?
  • Unsung Hero Award
    • Do you work with someone that isn’t often in the limelight but does an amazing job day in day out? Do you think they deserve some recognition?
  • * User Experience Award *
  • The DevelopHER Award
    •  overall winner from all the above categories, picked by a Partner Sponsor.

Watch this space…

The ceremony is on Wednesday night.  Thank you again for the nomination.  Looking forward to hearing the speeches!


DevelopHER Awards shortlist

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