Proteomic Bioinformatics Module

Last week saw successful delivery of the proteomic bioinformatics module on Cranfield University’s Masters course in Applied Bioinformatics.  The week included practical workshops and lectures, some of which were delivered by myself and Luca Bianco, but with several from external professionals including  Quotient BioResearch’s Chris Barton and Rich Kay who explained how they use proteomics to design new ways of detecting illegal doping in sport, and Phil Jones from the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) who spoke about the new proteomics data standards (mzML and analysisXML), as well as the EBI’s infrastructure for supporting proteomics data. Matthew Russell, of the University of Cambridge, also gave some lectures on ‘Proteomics at Cambridge’, quantitative proteomics and search engines.

For more information on the MSc in Applied Bioinformatics at Cranfield check out this video on YouTube from the course director, Lee Larcombe:

To see the video click here

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